Can you work out where in the World is George the Geographer?


Where in the World is George no. 1 ?

Where in the World is George the Geographer No. 1 ?

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Can you name the city where George found this famous building.

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This city has been in the Guiness Book of World Records for....

1) the world's largest swimsuit photoshoot - (1,010 women wearing bikibis on the beach);

2) the world's largest burger - (95.5 kg);

3) the world's largest line of pizzas - (221 metres long).


This city has the deepest natural harbour in the world.


As well as the famous building George is standing next to, it has a famous bridge which the locals call the 'Coat hanger' due to its shape.

It is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world.


George is standing next to the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.






George the Geographer


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