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Welcome to George's Geogger Blog where you will find lots of news and information about what George has seen happening in the world.




30th April 2015

The latest 'Where in the World is George' is now available. Can you work out where he started his journey?

'Where in the World is George?' No. 4

25th April 2015

I've joined Twitter. Keep up to date with George the Geographer and his life in Wensleydale.

Visit George's Twitter page by clicking here

12th February 2015

Powerpoints for use in teaching the continents and oceans of the World are free to download. Click here to go to the page to download.

26th October 2014

Outline maps of the world and the different continents have been uploaded and are free to download for use.

click here to view what's available


1st October 2014

At last I am back from the travels. The website has been developed and is now changing regularly.



20th January 2013

I've been snowed in!

20th November 2012

Parts of Britain flood again!



Midlands and the South West flood due to heavy rain. The Environment Agency has more than 70 flood warnings in place, mainly in the South West and the Midlands, and more than 100 flood alerts across England.

Michael Silverstone, BBC Weather forecaster, said: "Tomorrow, all parts of the United Kingdom will see a spell of very heavy rain, with some very strong winds on and just ahead of the rain.

"We are likely to see severe gales in exposed parts of southern and western England, Wales and Scotland, with winds gusting as high as 70mph. Even inland, some places could see gales, with winds gusting to 50 or 60mph."

To find out more click the link Heavy rain causes flooding

19th November 2012

Lonesome George not the last of his kind!
Lonesome George

The giant tortoise called Lonesome George who lived on the Galapagos Islands was thought to be the last of his species. When he died a short while ago it was thought that the species of tortoise had become extinct. Scientists have now discovered that the DNA of his species lives on...

Lonesome George not the last of his kind after all?

European food in India


For many years Indians have left India and chosen to live in other countries. They took with them their tastes in food and many opened resaurants serving Indian food. Now many are beginning to return to India and taking 'Western' style tastes in food with them. Restaurants are becoming popular serving European cuisine.
Find out more at the BBC website

Can Western chefs curry favour in India?


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